300,000 People paid the Penalty Last YEAR
and Shouldn’t Have!!

The IRS stated in 2015 that 300,000 individuals paid the individual penalty tax (for their 2014 taxes) for not having health insurance and they would have been exempt! Now these individuals have three years to file an amendment, but will they?
Are you the one who’s afraid of the penalty for not having health insurance? You’ve heard about the costs and don’t want any part of it, yet the penalty sticks in the back of your mind. You don’t want the IRS in your business or wallet!
You have heard over and over again, if you don’t have health insurance you can be penalized? Would you believe there are waivers and exemptions that you may qualify for and wouldn’t have to pay the penalty for not having health insurance? Will you “throw away” money because you are uninformed?
Example: About a week ago, TJ stated on his Facebook page that he didn’t have health insurance for two months out of twelve. Mind you, this was when he was in between jobs. TJ get his taxes filed and they tell him he has to pay $200 for not having health insurance for those two months. TJ is still getting a refund but MINUS $200. Do you know what is wrong with this real life story? According to the individual mandate, a person can go two consecutive months WITHOUT health insurance and NOT be penalized.
Unbelievable: TJ didn’t know the exemptions and waivers and EVIDENTLY neither did his tax preparer.
In 2014, the average penalty was $200 for those without health insurance. Those who had gotten a subsidy, the average amount they had to repay was $800. Remember, the people who got the subsidy were also paying a monthly premium and towards the deductible if they went to the doctor. It would appear they were paying twice especially if they OWE part of the subsidy back.
Lesson: You owe it to yourself to know the exemptions and waivers. You also need to know more than your tax preparer.

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Why should you listen to me? I’m Dr. Taffy Wagner, President of Own Your Health Care, LLC and I’ve been teaching on Obamacare for three years online and offline. I am a consumer that doesn’t carry traditional health insurance instead a discount plan and I was exempt the FIRST year from being penalized.
I’ve had insurance agents talk with me in person about this mandate to get clarification. I’ve had tax preparers taking my online class on Obamacare and share how much they learned from the class.

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